Mixed Media Wall Art Gallery

Welcome to my wall art gallery of original mixed media art. Zoom into any artwork and quickly and easily browse through my work at maximum screen resolution. This wall art gallery is primarily for browsing.  If you see something you like why not head over to my secure Mixed Media Collage Art for Sale page. All of my mixed media works are one-off's and are both unique and original. I don't do copies, limited editions or prints.

Signature Style & Wall Art

After a great deal of experimenting I have broadly settled on a signature mixed media style and technique. My wall art uses materials that range from paint, paper, wax and found objects to a few secret ingredients and applications. My work is contemporary and figurative. I use the subject matter, posture and expression in each piece to tell a story. Crucially, I withhold the ending of each story by deliberately leaving a key aspect of the artwork partially complete. I leave it to you, the viewer to create and imagine your own ending rather than force mine on you.

Other key factors in my 'signature' wall art mixed media style and technique are colour and texture. I use bold, fresh, bright colours in my work and I layer materials. Repeating these layered patterns creates textured relief and shapes - tempting you to touch. I love taking very ordinary materials and combining and presenting them in such a way that gives little or no clue to the piece's construction or materials used. At art fairs and exhibitions I am often asked about the materials and construction process. I enjoy seeing the lights come on after explaining the process. People love to come up close, study the piece and often ask to touch and that's great. That's part of what I'm trying to achieve - arousing curiosity and questions.

Ashleigh Dix : Original Mixed Media

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