Art for Sale

All of the art for sale that you see here is original and unique - since I don't do copies, editions or prints. The art for sale on this page is available to purchase and each mixed media collage comes with free worldwide shipping included. Sold works are not displayed here but can be viewed in my Mixed Media Wall Art Gallery. If you see a piece you like on this page, click on the image and then hover over it on the next page to zoom right in. You can also click in the bottom left corner of the image to view it in full screen splendour. If you'd like to browse through all of my artwork on one page - in full screen mode - you can head over to my Mixed Media Wall Art Gallery where you can browse through them quickly and easily.

Mixed Media Collage

Whether I'm using paper, card, found objects or any other material - each new piece I create starts life off as a collage. Much of my time is spent cutting, placing, sorting, aligning, arranging, trimming and sorting again. This juggling activity can sometimes go on for days before I get the composition and the foundation of the story just right. At this point the piece has colour and texture but no great depth or shading and is still essentially rather a flat collage. Setting each tiny component into position takes more time again - but now the scene is set and out comes the wax, paint (sometimes) and a few secret ingredients and applications that bring the piece to life and bind the elements together. This is where the simple collage becomes a finished mixed media collage.

Ashleigh Dix : Original Mixed Media

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